Top Ten Tips for Improving Landing Pages

A Google ADS campaign or a Pay-per-Click (PPC) campaign cannot be successful unless a useful landing page accompanies it. This is the webpage that the users can access after clicking the advert link. Although many websites even today opt for a homepage to be the landing page, it does not serve the purpose of converting large chunks of traffic to useful customers. Landing pages need to be customized and cater to one particular keyword, among many other tips and tricks. Here is a list of top ten tips of improving the landing pages and giving that finesse to the Google ADS campaign.

Content – Simple, Quickly Available, and Direct

The landing page should have specialized content where the text has to be lucid and straightforward to enable all types of readers to go through the page without giving much time to find out its meaning. The point should be driven home clearly and directly. Users, too, should get what they are looking for quickly and easily.

Navigation – User-friendly, Simple

The tweaks used in making a website design unique often become tricky for the users to manoeuvre. Sometimes they don’t know how to go back to the original search site. Many times they can only proceed if they sign up a form. These hamper the independence of the users and are also not user-friendly. So, take care to avoid these in your design.

Call for Action – Often

Call for action, such as buying a product, or signing up for a scheme can help make your landing page an effective one. It would be best if you also used multiple links of this kind to lure users into clicking the button anytime during their surfing.

Be Focused

The landing page should ideally showcase one point – buying or subscription, etc. Don’t allow users to get side-tracked with different links and pop-ups. Remain focused and let the users also to follow the same technique.

Remove Long Forms

Today high traffic churning shopping malls don’t bother to ask for too much information about the customer. Ask exactly what you need to know to transact the trade. Coaxing and luring customers to sign up massive forms can only dither them from pursuing the buying endeavour.

Use Effective Encore Page

Encore page is the page you come across after you fulfil your transaction. Often, this page is under construction or without any relevant text. Unfinished work can give a wrong impression about your landing page.

Use Clarity in Design for All Types of Users

All elements – whether graphics or content – should be delineated, so that users of different educational background, age-group etc. can understand the meaning of the material. You may have to use multiple landing pages that cater to distinct keywords and demographical segments.

Test and Change Landing Pages

When you have secured a few landing pages, test them and see the results. The results start showing within a few days. If you are not satisfied, edit and re-launch the page.

Track All Activities

It would be best if you tracked whatever is going on in the page. Using Analytics software, for instance, would state the traffic behaviour on links and content. You can also tag each link to know at which stage the customer left the scene.

Use Different Headers

You should also use different headers, leading statements, etc. and test them online. Often, a phrase can work wonders for users who avidly become customers in no time. So, it would be best if you hunted for those tricks on the landing page.

Nothing is constant – and, landing pages are evolving even today. Keep in touch with the latest trend and integrate them in the landing pages to ensure they become better and better.

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