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The Marketing Game In 2023

The Marketing Game In 2023 (Twitter vs Facebook vs LinkedIn vs Google ADS) To increase sales, you should know which social network advertising platforms are right for your business. Facebook and LinkedIn both offer advertising platforms with varying cost-per-clicks. You’ll need to consider your audience and target market before deciding which to use. For example,...
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Five Must-Know Social Media Tips – Summer 2020

I purposely ventured a bit outside the norm, so this article won’t be the umpteenth one you’ve read on this topic with the same five tips. These can be applied to business or personal sites. The Tips: Before you post anywhere, ask yourself: Is it kind? Is it true? Is it fair? If it isn’t,...
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Social Networking Sites: Who’s Reading Your Personal Data?

It’s estimated that each and every day, a relatively huge quantity of individuals make the choice to sign up for a societal networking site. Sociable networking sites are web sites that enable internet users to effortlessly connect with other internet consumers, usually from all around the world. Though societal networking web sites are a fantastic...
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Top Ten Tips for Improving Landing Pages

A Google ADS campaign or a Pay-per-Click (PPC) campaign cannot be successful unless a useful landing page accompanies it. This is the webpage that the users can access after clicking the advert link. Although many websites even today opt for a homepage to be the landing page, it does not serve the purpose of converting...
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Website Optimization London, UK

Website Optimization London, UK, one of the leading service providers for link building, is committed to providing high calibre link building services to its clients and top SEO companies across Europe. Our effortless link building services dissects and examines your website correctly to ensure that your Meta tags are in place and a thorough check...
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